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Coco Palms

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Coco Palms Condo

With its beautiful landscape and pretty natural features, Coco Palms has many features that separates it from other Condo across the Singapore. Among the beautiful aspects of it, Coco Palms is available for both immigrants and native residents. One of the most beautiful Condo by City Developments Limited is the luscious Coco Palms Condo.

Location of Coco Palms Condo

The Condo project is in centrally located in Pasir Ris. The condo will be near to both shopping mall and MRT Station. The condo is also a walking distance away to a upcoming supermarket. It will take less than 10 minutes walk to all these amenities.

Features Of Coco Palms Condo

Many features will put Coco Palms above other condos. For one, the condo holds around 900 housing unit options, providing homes for many people. The condo also has a large land area, with two basement car parks available for resident parking. Unit options range from one bedroom to five bedroom, so units can be serviced to most families. They are around six shops located near Coco Palms, them servicing many needs that a family may endure. A child care center has been processed for future development, it completion due in a little amount of time. Education is very important to children, so primary schools are near the condos with only few miles separating them from the condos. Other shops and malls are in development, their due dates undetermined.

Price Of Coco Palms Condo

 The exact price of Coco Palms Condo units depend on the type of unit purchased, as the bedroom size and condo unit type will be different within each unit. Generally, the higher the condo size and features, the higher the price. The lower the unit type and size, the lower the price, however these may differ with discounts or sales on specific condo units. Pricing can be inquired by filling up the form here, or by calling our hotline.

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